UPDATE: IceConeFeed v2.1

After many inquiries from the HAM community for updating the IceConeFeed design parameters a new version will be released soon is now available (purchase here).

Key features are optimized helix dimensions to achieve a lower SWR and also reduce the LNB shadow in order to increase reception gain. See below the comparison between the 3.5 turn helix of IceConeFeed v2 and the 2.2 turn helix with a 1.4mm wire of the IceConeFeed v2.1

The outer design has been cleaned and a high grip surface area has been added to both the radome and base plate for easy radome handling.

First tests show a superior performance in return loss, the IceConeFeed v2.1 is easier to tune and should only yield 0.7dB RX attenuation which is an 1.4dB advantage over the v2.0 version.

This is in agreement with the shading analysis below. V2.0 on the right with 38% (2.1dB) helix shade, V2.1 on the left with 14.7% (0.7dB) helix shade.