nolle.engineering is a private small engineering enterprise.

We are active in 3D printing, RF antenna design, software solutions, youth mentoring, digital product design serving customers in the aerospace domain and private sector.

Examples of current product portfolio of 3D printed antenna designs

Completed projects and design studies

1MV Van de Graaff generator, science experiment, production prototype

In business since early 2000s in various forms (and names) nolle.engineering is driven by fascination for technology. Concurrent engineering and bringing together a broad field of engineering domains is our strength.

6 degree of freedom Steward motion platform. Projected and designed for low cost flight simulation and training.

20 years of experience in the aerospace domain, solid background in mission design and operations as well as flight experience on numerous platforms call for ambitious projects and involvments.

PRECURSOR Satellite, mechanical design & system engineering consultancy

Mentoring, training, teaching. Sharing knowledge and experience with the younger generation. We enroll in youth development and aim to educate the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Stratospheric satellite / balloon mission